About the Photographer

Capturing the image that perfectly embodies the moment is the magical power of the photograph. As a photographer when I look through the lens that’s what I’m seeking.

The possibility to encapsulate perfection for a lifetime first attracted me to photography while studying Art & Design in 1993. Captivated by the medium I seized every opportunity to incorporate photography in my artwork. After college I got a job in retail while in my spare time moonlighting as a photographer whenever I could get the work experience or better still paid work. Today I continue to pursue the perfect image. The pursuit takes me to many locations around the UK photographing landscapes, architecture, action sports, private and public events. Let me capture your special event and create images that you’ll treasure for a life time.

Need a Photographer?

Don’t hesitate to contact me via email, telephone or any of the social media platforms above. Not afraid to travel I am available for corporate events and private functions. Tel: 07973 751813
You can also contact me through Facebook here

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Widenbar