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I had a natural curiosity about art and photography from an early age but it wasn’t until I began studying for a degree in Graphic Design at the College of Art & Design (Watford 1992-1996) that I was inspired to experiment further with the medium of the camera. Fascinated by its technical aspects and almost instant results, I seized every opportunity to incorporate photography into my design work. 

 After leaving college I struggled to find work in the field, only picking up the occasionally commission here and there. In an effort to generate an income I fleeted from photographer to photographic sales Manager for an assortment of retailers throughout the south east and central London. After almost a decade I left the retail industry and started a business in web development and IT service support working for myself.

Looking back, my first passion has always been photography. Many years later I discovered the sport of Paintball which tapped into my spirit for excitement and adventure. However, after a major injury jeopardised my ability to play, I was forced to reconsider which physical activities were assessable to my person.

The conclusion I reached was I could stop my involvement in paintball or find an alternative way to participate in the sport? At the time there were a handful of photographers photographing the sport but I didn’t feel they captured the thrill and spirit of playing. Using my dorment photographic skills seemed like the next logical step to staying on the playing field and in the community which included many friends.

…and so I began taking pictures.

My photography

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